The Faux Socialite and Drake

Guess what, I was a faux socialite this weekend. Let me tell you about it…so, I went to a concert this weekend. For those who truly know me, Rob Bre, you know that I don’t get out much. It’s not always because I don’t want to go anywhere… it’s particularly because I don’t want to go anywhere.

This weekend, my husband and I had an opportunity to go to the “Aubrey and The Three Amigos” tour in Atlanta, Georgia. I have never been to a major artist’s concert before. Well, 12 years ago, I went to T.I’s concert in Denver, CO, but he was fresh out of one of his prison stints so he was trying to rebuild his brand so it was not popping. Of course, the concert was packed…it was wayyyy too many people there. I am sure it was sold out because it was the last city of the tour. Prior to going to the concert, maybe about 7 hours before, I started to get anxiety just because I knew there would be a shitload of people that I would have to encounter.

But I got over it because I didn’t come all this way for nothing…I was going!

The concert started at 7 p.m. We didn’t get there until 9 because…”cp time.” We were so late we missed the traffic and long lines. Amen! We walked and walked and walked some more until we make it to our area. We were in VIP… because I’m bougie.

Actually, it is because I have great friends. Shoutout to you, CJ…

So, I am in VIP, “bad and boujee” with hurt feet. Fortunately, my husband forewarned me about the lack of chairs so I wouldn’t be in heels standing and trying to be cute. I was in tennis shoes and my feet were still throbbing. I was forewarned and still wasn’t prepared! Since we got there so late, the Migos set was just finishing up. I was fine with that because the only thing I really like about the Migos is Cardi B and Takeoff.

There was a brief intermission as they broke down The Migos’ set to prepare for Drake. In full disclosure… I like Drake… Well, I like ratchet-rap Drake, not “in my feelz” Drake. I’m more of a Gucci Mane, 21 Savage (don’t judge me), team Pusha T type of girl… Again, don’t judge me. I ride for Drake because he is super talented, he loves Bae-Rihanna as much as I do, and most importantly, he supports the home team (Jackson State University).

(Photo Cred: @jsurecruitment)

Also, a major part of his team is from Jackson, Mississippi. Anyway, Drake comes out and does his thing and then brings The Migos out again to perform “Walk It Like I Talk It” which is like one of the 5 Migos songs I know. They performed some other songs, but like I said before, I only know 5 songs.

The highlight of the whole concert is that Gucci Mane or Gucci’s Clone (whatever y’all choose to believe) came out. Out of his 700 song catalog, he performed the best one…”I Think I love her.” Chile, all the ratchet came out. My soul was like…

I love Gucci. Not to slight Drake, but 🗣 IT’S GUCCI!

(Photo Cred: @laflare1017)

After Gucci came out my night was made. I could go home happy! All in all, the concert was great. The show had high energy. It ended in a timely matter which is important because I am old! I loved it!

Random highlights and lessons from the show:
  1. Drake literally skipped and moved across the stage all night. Where is all of this energy coming from? Maybe I need to go to the gym because I got winded by looking at him.
  2. GUCCI Mane…He’s such a debonair trap rapper. Shoutout to the glow up…or to the clone…or both.
  3. I forgot to mention earlier that there was a flying car. I later found out that it was a balloon, but it was so realistic. It was so dope! Watch the video here.
  4. Although the VIP section was full of people including Monica and J. Prince and 50 of his entourage and had no chairs, it still allowed for minimal people interaction. I realize that in order to enjoy clubs, parties, concerts, etc., I need a location that is separated from people…somewhere where the energies of people are more controlled.
  5. Kudos to Drake’s whole team. Drake is a multi-million dollar artist so to expect anything less than a high-energy, flawless show would be a waste. He did that!
  6. I realized that if I arrive late I can avoid crowds. Forget punctuality!
  7. If I am in a concentrated area, I can tolerate people better.
  8. Create memories and have a little fun even if it requires having anxiety from being around a shitload of people.
  9. I wish I had taken more pictures but I was trying to take it all in.
  10. When in large crowds, avoid making eye contact with people…then they won’t talk to you. 😎

I am glad my friend, B, got to take some pictures. Check out some of them here.


Bre and Bae

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(Photo cred: Brian Easley, Illpix, @ezwuzhere)

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