The Socialite-Bre

The Introvert…

I am two sides of a coin, and that coin is Bre. On one side, I am an introvert; and on the other, I am a LEO. The Leo in me lovvvves attention, but the introvert in me says don’t look at me…or talk to me. I am outgoing and shy. I am rational and emotional. I am love and bitterness. I am a bag of sweet and salty snacks (which I hate because the two shouldn’t go together. Pick one or the other, hell). I am a paradox. I confuse myself.

Why blog…

They said I needed a hobby! Period. I have always heard that writing is therapeutic, I guess it’s time for me to try it out. I set out to start a blog in 2012…2014…and 2016. Hopefully, I can actually stick with it in 2018. This blog is a random compilation of my thoughts, life lessons, conversations with friends mixed with things and people I like.  It’s just my overall hodgepodge of shit from a socially awkward introvert’s perspective. But this blog is about the randomness of an introvert…Randomness of a quiet person who is known by a lot of people. Although, I talk to none. It is about navigating the awkwardness of being an introvert and my continuous interactions with and attempts to avoid people.  This blog is about finding the beauty and balance of all things.

As I begin this time-consuming journey, a lot of this information will be curated and shared to help inform you on personal and professional development, branding and public relations, fashion and style, and anything else that is beautiful, uplifting and beneficial. As time permits, I will write and post my own content…we will see. At any rate, please read, share, comment, and hopefully, enjoy.


The Socialite…

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